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Services Available


The services available from Tony Gates fall into two main categories: writing and speaking.




Tony is available for writing assignments of various kinds, including article and feature writing.

He has had pieces accepted by such publications as ITA, The Adelaide Review, Speak Out, Blades of Wind, The Times (Victor Harbor and South Coast).

He brings flair, sound knowledge of English, varied experience of life and careful research to his writing.

Tony writes for the first three hours of his day, 5 to 8 am, 365 days a year. 




Tony's public speaking experience has been gained over many years, including


lecturing in the Army,

speaking to groups planning overseas travel,

speaking to public library fund-raising audiences,

teaching on a variety of subjects at WEA,

teaching in many forms in the Church,

delivery of teaching sessions at U3A in the Adelaide Hills and on the South Coast,

teaching in the construction industry and as a training consultant to other industries.


Tony is a competent and passionate speaker who enjoys sharing knowledge and information.


Rates charged for speaking are reasonable and always value for money.


Suggested Subjects 


Investigating Venice

Getting to know Paris

A look at Monet's Garden

Normandy, including Mont St Michel and some Seine locations

Cathar Country (The area around Carcassonne)

Avignon, the Camargue and Les Saints Maries de la Mer

Capri, Pompeii, Herculaneum and Sorrento

The Fascination of Umbria

Ypres, Poperinge and Paschendaele

Cornwall, a place to spend time in.

Some glimpses of Tuscany

Cameos of the Seine, Rhone, Moselle, Rhine and Danube

Railways of Britain

The Story of Australian Railways

Some train journeys of Europe, including the Venice Simplon Orient Express

Some Cathedrals of England and Continental Europe

Some interesting Churches and Synagogues 

Welsh History and Literature

How the Bible Came to us - from manuscripts to translations into English

The Growth of the New Testament - looking at the chronology of the writing of the books rather than their order in the                     Bible

The Hebrew Prophets and their fight for social justice

Some Villages of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna


These are suggestions.

Other subjects can be presented by Tony Gates, BA, LTh, Dip RE, JP